3 Instant Engagement Publicity Strategies for February 2013 (That Also Work Anytime)

The beginning of every month signals a very special time…and opportunity. It’s time for new publicity opportunities to share with you. And even more importantly, the best way to play them. What type of opportunities exactly?

Glad you asked. These aren’t leads. Think of these publicity opportunities as sleeping giants. They’re just missing the right spark to bring them to life. And one way you can do that is with my 100% original Publicity Starters.

Here’s how this works: there’s a calendar of “official” events. In essence, every day, every week and every month has a certain official designation. When you tie into these events, you help provide the media with pre-built content of interest to their readers, viewers and subscribers.

However, here is where 99% of publicity and promotion-minded efforts go WRONG. They are masters of the obvious. For example, Friday February 8th is Leadership Success Day. My guess is a professional speaker will tout that “special day” and offer a sale on training products. Can you say BORING?

Sure being obvious is easy and it might work. But it’s also lazy. And that won’t capture the media or prospects effectively.

How would you like to have these sleeping publicity giants serve you? Can you just imagine them towering over the promotional efforts of others? Then keep reading as I reveal…

3 Proven Ways

to Play and Profit from Free Publicity in February 2013

Here’s the beauty of how this works. February has some official events specific to the month of February. Even better, my strategies are TIMELESS. They can be used anytime. And I’ll continue to share these strategies and publicity starters with you.

And let’s not forget an added benefit of this approach: it’s an instant content energizer! So much of what matters today is engagement. And these methods bring a fresh perspective to your articles, videos, social media posts and more. In fact, you may even get some fun ideas for contests and promotions.

For best use, create a separate notebook and list these 3 free publicity strategies. That way you’ll have a handy reference to catalog the new publicity starter strategies I share at the beginning of every month.

Strategy #1: The Offbeat Twist Method

February is National Weddings Month. (Valentine’s Day at play here.) Say you are in the pet niche. How could you possibly tie that in? What about a pet wedding? People love animals dressed up people clothes. You could send the photo to your local paper. You could even talk about the importance of pets being part of the family.

Here’s an added bonus: the third week in February is “Love your Pet Week”

Strategy #2: The Mondo Combo Method

With this method you combine two official events that seem unrelated or even total opposites. The magic comes from uniting them and then tying back to your message and story.

For example, February is National Heart Month. It’s Also National Pie Month. Say you are in the health, fitness and wellness niche. You could talk about a diet that is the best of both worlds: good for your heart but also lets you indulge on occasion. And that indulgence is your favorite pie.

Another idea: a heart healthy pie. Made in the shape of a heart! Great tie-in for Valentine’s Day.

Strategy #3: The Contrarian to the EXTREME Method

A contrarian is one that has a view that is opposite current sentiment. Well, what if you were a contrarian in the extreme? Sometimes by being extreme you prove your point.

For example, February is National Time Management Month. Everyone is obsessed with squeezing more time out of every day. What’s  the contrarian view of that? Not being concerned about time at all. What’s the best representation of that? Island time! So, say you are in the travel niche. You could use National Time Management Month as a way to suggest travel ideas that get people OFF the clock. Don’t wear a watch. Tell the time by where the sun is in the sky.

You know, I read a book where the author was trying to adjust to Island Time. He needed to catch a ferry to another island. He learned the ferry left every Tuesday. The sign said “Ferry Departure: Every Tuesday. Sharp.”

Now it’s Your Turn!

Here are the Official Events for February 2013

I’ve listed below a variety of official events. Review them and then see how you can utilize my 3 publicity starter strategies. And have FUN.

Monthly Publicity Events for February 2013

  • National Weddings Month
  • National Time Management Month
  • American Heart Month
  • Great American Pie Month
  • Children’s Dental Health Month
  • National Snack Food Month

Weekly Publicity Events for February 2013

Week #2

Hero Week / National Crime Prevention Week / Celebration of Love Week / Flirting Week / Freelance Writer’s Appreciation Week / Make Chatter Matter / National Marriage Week

Week #3

National Engineers Week / National Pancake Week / Random Acts of Kindness Week / Love Your Pet Week / National Nest Box Week / National Chip Week / International Flirting Week

Week #4

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week / Pancake Week / National Pub Week / National Student Volunteering Week

The Best Way

to Launch your Publicity Quickly, Effectively and Inexpensively?

Often all it takes is a jump start. And a little coaching. My 2013 Publicity JumpStart Session provides both. To learn more, send an email to info @ 30minutepr.com and put “Publicity JumpStart Please” in the subject line.

When you do, I’ll follow-up with a few choices including how to get your hands on a calendar that list over 400 official events you could leverage for your publicity.

Got a publicity idea already? Like these method of generating publicity? Share your feedback in the comments below.

Marc Harty is an online publicity expert, professional speaker, Internet marketing consultant and CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc. Marc’s Online PR Made Easy can help anyone at any skill level generate targeted web site traffic on autopilot.

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