March 2013 Publicity Opportunities: 3 Key Blunders to Avoid

The beginning of every month alerts us to a special time…and an even more special opportunity. That’s because each month brings time and calendar sensitive opportunities for the savvy marketer. Of course, the savvy part comes from knowing how to best tie-in and leverage those opportunities. What type of opportunities exactly?

Well, each month brings with it a calendar of “official” events. In essence, every day, every week and every month has a certain official designation. When you tie into these events, you help provide the media with pre-built content of interest to their readers, viewers and subscribers.

Think of these publicity opportunities as dormant business builders. The only thing missing is the right spark to bring them to life. Consider this article your built-in spark, ok?

In the past, I’ve brainstormed how to creatively approach these opportunities and events. For example, here are three publicity approaches I shared for February events. The good news? They work anytime! You can review those timeless publicity strategies here.

For this month, I share what NOT to do. It’s amazing the success you can have if you learn from the mistakes of others, right?

Avoid these 3 blunders

and stand out for the RIGHT reason

The real appeal of calendar-specific publicity opportunities is two-fold. First, they contain built-in news since these calendar items are widely recognized and sourced by the media for regular stories. And second, this especially applies when using these opportunities for something OTHER than media publicity. Like a blog post. In that regard these publicity opportunities serve as an instant content marketing energizer!

You know what works today? Engagement! And these opportunities (and the methods to leverage them) bring a fresh approach to your articles, videos, social media posts and more. In fact, you may even get some fun ideas for contests and promotions.

So now that you have the proper context, here are three blunders to avoid when developing publicity approaches with calendar-sensitive opportunities.

Blunder #1: Don’t be “Captain of the Obvious”

So for example, March is National Nutrition Month. Could you create a series of healthy diet nutrition tips? Of course you could. But that’s the obvious and expected solution. And not the one that captures attention.

However, what about this: nutrition for your business? (What your business needs to stay healthy, grow and thrive.) After all, we naturally assume nutrition refers to the human body. But what about pet nutrition? Or even more targeted, dogs over 10 years old nutrition tips? See how these ideas are more interesting than just the most obvious.

Blunder #2: Stopping short of the finish line

Here is where you simply don’t take things far enough to their own natural conclusion. Say you effectively tie-in your business with an opportunity. But your call-to-action is weak.  For example, March is National Bed Month.

You could talk about helpful tips for a good night’s sleep. But you’re committing Blunder #1 when you do that. Instead, what if you had a “sleep-off.” In essence, you had a contest and ask others (your readers, subscribers, customers, Facebook friends, etc.) to share their best tips. That’s FAR more engaging than you just recycling the same old tired tips that everyone knows. And maybe you get a sponsor who would be willing to give the best answer a free bed!

Blunder #3: Taking yourself out of the game

We’ve all done this so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. And we’ve had so many valid excuses: like being too busy. Not wanting to compete with publicity professionals. Fear of making a mistake. The list goes on and on.

I have two remedies to get myself out of this cycle of doom. First, I ask, “what’s the worst that can happen?” And the worst is pretty minimal. The other remedy is I believe on “production over perfection.” Producing and taking action is far more powerful than thinking and planning.

So, even if you don’t get the response you desired from a publicity opportunity, guess what? You gained experience. You most likely learned ways you can do things faster and better. And if you have the right resources (see the end of this article for one of the best), then you’re that much closer to success.

Those are my tips for this month. Keep reading for the actual opportunities for March that you can put to work immediately.

Here are your official publicity calendar events

for March 2013

I’ve listed below a variety of the official events for THIS month. Review them and then see how you can utilize the ideas, tactics and methods discussed in this article.  And have FUN.

Your Monthly Publicity Events for February 2013

  • National Nutritional Month
  • Woman’s History Month
  • Spiritual Awareness Month
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month
  • National Bed Month
  • Music in our Schools Month

Your Weekly Publicity Events

for March 2013

Week #1
Read an E-Book Week / American Camping Week /Canada Pharmacy Awareness Week / Lutheran Schools Week /
Sherlock Holmes Week / Pet Sitters Week

Week #2
Chocolate Week / Girl Scout Week / Crochet Week / Procrastination Week / Endometriosis
Awareness Week / Fair Trade Week / National Science Week

Week #3
National Wildlife Week / National Sports Trivia Week / National Spring Fever Week / Poison Prevention Week /Lavender Week / National Obesity Awareness Week / Tree Love Care Week

Week #4
Art Week / Clean Your Closet Week / Egg Salad Week

Can you imagine

the impact on your business with the right Publicity GamePlan?

What’s stopping your from accelerating your publicity and exposure? Is it the lack of a plan? Or are you missing the right idea? Are you distracted and don’t have the time, energy or bandwidth to bring your publicity to full bloom? Whatever the reason, there’s one solution that helps you connect ALL the dots. And much more.

That’s what my Publicity GamePlan Session is all about. To learn more, send an email to info @ and put “Publicity GamePlan” in the subject line. When you do, I’ll follow-up with a few choices including how to get your hands on a calendar that list over 400 official events you could leverage for your publicity.

What do you think of this month’s publicity events and ideas? Share your feedback in the comments below.

Marc Harty is an online publicity expert, professional speaker, Internet marketing consultant and CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc. Marc’s Online PR Made Easy can help anyone at any skill level generate targeted web site traffic on autopilot.

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