3 Surprise Results From Press Release Marketing (Authors LOVE These)

Why do online press releases if you’re an author, speaker, writer or coach? First, press releases are proven.  And they’ll ALWAYS be relevant. I say this no matter what happens with social media. As proof, look no further than how established companies utilize releases. And how search engines like Google continues to rank them highly despite all the recent algorithmic upheaval.

Now what benefits does press release marketing offer, exactly? Well, the conventional wisdom only covers the most obvious benefits. Once I review those I’ll share some surprising results. The kind that as an author, writer, speaker or coach you’d welcome with open arms!

In my experience, and that of my clients and customers, the obvious benefits of doing online press releases are:

  1. Accelerated and expanded online presence
  2. More web site traffic
  3. Media exposure

What does each of those represent? Lets’ look deeper…

Accelerated and expanded online presence

What happens when someone “Google’s” you, your company or your web site? What comes up? And more importantly, what do you WANT to show up? Online press releases can often rank higher than your own web site. That’s VERY helpful when it comes to your reputation.

With paid press release distribution, your press release is distributed to hundreds, sometimes thousands of other web sites, authority sites and media outlets. That creates a lot links back to your web site. And leads to the second obvious benefit of press release marketing…

More web site traffic

This occurs because you’ve optimized your press release with some popular keyword phrases. And when prospects search using those phrases they see your press release. And will click on the link to the press release and then on to your web site directly. Result: More traffic!

Media exposure

A media outlet picks up your press release. They could do an original story using the press release as background information. Or a broadcast outlet could choose you for an expert interview or quote. There are many other examples like this across ALL media channels.

It should be noted there are other benefits. Like going toe-to-toe with bigger companies with deeper pockets.

Those press release marketing benefits can translate into more revenue,  leads, clients, and customers.

Of course, your mileage may vary. In other words, there is no inherent promise that everyone will experience the results expressed in this article. Yet I can’t deny that results have occurred and will continue to do so.

But what about going one step further? For example, a tangible and specific outcome that occurred from that increased online visibility and new web site traffic?

For those, I can reveal some surprise results as follows…

3 surprise benefits

from doing press release marketing

All of these results were obtained by using a proven process and system. More about those later in this article.

Surprise Result #1: invited to star in an infomercial.
This surprise benefit arose because the press release topic involved a web site builder that had mass appeal.

Surprise Result #2: became the media’s “go to” expert for Thanksgiving holiday tips.
This occurred not just over one Thanksgiving, but actually three in a row!

Surprise Result #3: landed a four-figure monthly retainer from a business think tank.
The think tank was NOT the primary target audience. Yet after seeing this independent attorney’s press releases outrank their own, the think tank wanted this PR – savvy attorney to write articles on their behalf. This exposure even got the attorney a dialog with conservative columnist George Will.

As an, author,

speaker, writer, or coach, the web TRAFFIC door just swung WIDE open...

And it’s the secret behind the surprise success stories you’ve seen here and many more. All thanks to a proven system that’s been battle-tested with hundreds of industries and thousands of press releases.

After all, as an author, speaker, writer or coach, regular online exposure = dollars. Without a significant and sustainable online presence, you’re left in the dust. No matter how brilliant your content is.

Since this article is about press release marketing, are you doing press releases regularly? If not, and you need a quick fix for a press release, just download my free press release template. Its “fill in the blanks easy” and positions you as an authority. Now while that fills an immediate want, it’s certainly not what you need.

Because you’re still left wondering ”how best to distribute my release?” Not to mention, “what will get ME the best exposure possible—today and tomorrow?”

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Discover just a few of the benefits the right publicity system can have on YOUR business:

  • An easy and proven web site traffic method that’s NOT technical or complicated
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Have your own press release marketing success story? Share your feedback with your insightful comment below.

Marc Harty is an online publicity expert, professional speaker, Internet marketing consultant and CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc. Marc’s Online PR Made Easy can help anyone at any skill level generate targeted web site traffic on autopilot.

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