7 Common Google+ Misconceptions That Let Valuable Web Traffic Slip Away

Talk about a nasty side effect…traffic, leads and business that you could be reeling in actually ends up in your competition’s pocket instead? In short, yes. The traffic is there for the taking. If you and your web site don’t show up to grab it someone else certainly will.

Fact is, to achieve difference-making online authority you must go beyond just sharing your content across various social media marketing channels. Now, you MUST elevate our content above all the clutter and noise. So how do you effectively achieve that?

I’m here to suggest a falsely maligned solution: Google+. My recent “deep dive” into Google+ has landed it on my ultimate marketing shortlist. So much so, I provide a proven way to jump start a Google+ presence. So how did Google+ go from zero to hero?

Well, the more I explored Google+, the more those common misconceptions simply disappeared. And I don’t want the same misconceptions that held me back to prevent you from capturing ALL the traffic, influence and authority available to you. (If you act on it!)

What if you do nothing with Google+? Can you live with these three negative outcomes?

  1. The gateway to all things Google is closed.  (More about that later in this article.)
  2. Your focus is on the WRONG thing. You’re investing time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.
  3. You’re LATE to the party. (And either miss opportunities or need to expend more time, money and energy to achieve what could have been done quicker and faster if you started earlier.)

What misconceptions, exactly? Glad you asked. Here are seven widespread misconceptions I now officially debunk…

Google+ misconception #1:

It’s a Facebook wannabe.

Socialsharegpluslow2Yes Google+ is a social sharing platform. Yes, Facebook has FAR more activity and engagement. (As the screen capture above illustrates.) But NOT in every case. In essence,  Google+ was not designed to be a Facebook alternative. It was designed as an aggregator of all that Google has to offer via social, search, video, news, communities and more.

Google+ misconception #2:

It’s a ghost town


People see the high level of engagement of Facebook. And yes, by comparison Google+ often has far less…in SOME instances. Notice the screen capture above? Here’s the original source.  It was shared FAR more on Google+ because it was Google+ related.  Truth is there ARE things happening with Google+ shared content. Often not in the ways you are accustomed to seeing with Facebook.

Bottom line: you’re building an online presence that Google is favoring every chance it gets. Now that’s worth something isn’t it?

Want to leverage the whole “ghost town thing” to your advantage? Think of it this way…whatever you create, post and share will standout faster and easier than with the hyper-competitive likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Google+ misconception #3:

Profiles don’t matter

How random and casual are with your Linkedin Profile? And what about your business cards? Does your web site about page consist of just a few sentences? Obviously you give ALL of those serious attention.

Too bad that commitment doesn’t apply to Google+. Even marketing professionals neglect an ideal opportunity to showcase themselves to FULL advantage. An optimized profile can attract new leads, business, circle members, alliances and more.

So what’s the solution? I’ve identified the 7 success factors of a winning Google+ profile. Those best practices can be tapped via an optimized Google+ profile available here.

Google+ misconception #4:

It’s a stand-alone marketing vehicle

As discussed earlier, many people see Google as a social sharing platform like Facebook. In reality, it’s at least five marketing vehicles in one! G+menu

The screen capture of the G+ Menu  to the right shows the multiple Google+ outlets where you can connect and share content.

Here’s my core list of Google+ marketing vehicles and channels to focus your attention on NOW:

  1. Social media platform
  2. Google Hangouts (like webinar software only free)
  3.  Video Marketing (You Tube)
  4.  Integration via comments with Google News
  5.  An online event and community builder

And after ALL that I haven’t even touched on the search engine ranking benefits! These advantages are across the board with all of Google’s properties: search, social, news and especial Google authorship.

TIP: when you have Google Authorship, you benefit from what is called “personalized search.” In essence, when those you are connected with via Gmail, Google+ or other Google properties do a search, your listing appears higher than they would normally. Cool!

Google+ misconception #5:

It’s for individuals not businesses

GoogleplusbusinesslogoThis may be a carryover from seeing Google+ as a Facebook wannabe. In reality there is far more business-oriented content on Google+. That means FAR less of social clutter. You know the types: photos of food, selfies, social activities, and the like.

Even better, as SocialMediaToday.com noted, a Google+ business pages promises “enhanced discoverability” because “Your Business Page gives you another page that can be indexed by search engines and neatly showcases your business…”

Google+ misconception #6:

seeing ONLY the tip of the content curation iceberg

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to create fresh content to share online. In establishing your authority, you can share OTHER content you find valuable. When you do, an amazing thing happens! People look to you as an expert authority rather than the actual creator of that curated content!

Why? Because people are busy. They don’t have time to hunt, sift and filter what’s most relevant for them. So when you do all that for them, they really appreciate it! Just make sure you don’t pass off curated content as you own.

Now when people share content on Google+ and don’t get a lot of comments or “+1’s” they often fall under the “ghost town” misconception. Fact is, whether it’s your own profile, Google pages your create or communities you build, the content curation benefits make Google+ the preferred platform over all others. In fact, this article gives you 6 reasons why to use Google” as your primary content curation platform.

Google+ misconception #7:

It’s only one-to-one connecting

mhcirclesOne of the most innovative elements of Google+ is the ability to segment those you connect with into “circles.” I started with the circles you see above. I’ve recently added even more circles like customers and alliances. The real and often hidden power of Google+ connecting is called “extended circles.”

There’s also another benefit of the Google+ circles approach. That’s when you share content via extended circles. extendedcircles

With extended circles you get an immediate boost of both reach and influence. That’s because as GooglePlusDaily.com explained, “…the post is visible to everyone in [the original sharer’s] circles, plus all the people in their circles.” Meaning that it’s shared with those up to 2 degrees away from the original sharer.”

A Summary and handy resource

to boost your Google+ Presence

19284513XBottom line Google+ is your gateway to ALL of what Google offers. And it MUST be viewed through that perspective. Don’t fall for the 7 common misconceptions I’ve shared here. I’ve also identified how Google+ is actually 5 marketing vehicles in one. Any or all of which can greatly accelerate your online influence and authority. (And the leads, business and revenue that comes from such a presence.)

How to jump start your Google+ presence? Save 32% on a G+ Optimized Profile Now!


Marc Harty is an online publicity expert, professional speaker, Internet marketing consultant and CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc. Marc’s Online PR Made Easy can help anyone at any skill level generate targeted web site traffic on autopilot.

  • Which misconception halts your progress and success with Google+? For me, seeing as only a social sharing platform is one reason why I didn’t see the light (and the benefits) sooner.

  • Hey Marc, great article and you know there are many misconceptions about Google+ out there and I personally think it should be the home base of social media sharing. With all the features of the platform, Google Hangouts, YouTube, and the shear SEO power of Google I know I’m glad we are early adopters. Rarely in Internet Marketing do we get a chance to be on the cutting edge of a technology, but even rarer an entire technology launch pad. #’s 3,4, and 5 are the power players most people aren’t seeing yet.

  • Thank you Marc for including a link to my curation page article. I appreciate it. Great round-up of myth debunking by the way!

  • John,

    Thanks! Between both us spreading the word, things are going to change BIG time! And I didn’t even really get into the email marketing benefits either!

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  • Thanks – the report was very helpful Water Guy – http://www.water-research.net

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