My Top 10 Digital PR Trends for 2016

Marc Harty Digital PR Trends

The season for making predictions and trends starts in November/December and peaks in early January. So why publish my digital PR trends now? Consider the news cycle itself. The first wave of content or news is the most superficial. There’s simply the reporting without any analysis, takeaways and context.

Having been a Digital PR practitioner since 2004, a creator of 20+ PR training programs sold in over 40 countries, and a marketer for 25+ years, I’ve learned that the first thing said about a topic is rarely the best thing said about it. Naturally, I was curious about how other experts weighed in about Digital PR Trends for 2016.

Guess what I found? Some good insights. But poor execution. And a lot of “me-tooism.” I guarantee my list of trends looks different than theirs. It’s not about being right or better, it’s about helping you achieve sustainable success via digital PR.

10 Trends, 4 Categories, and One Simple Request

Find value in what I’m sharing? Please share it! It’s all about results and feedback. These insights don’t exist in a vacuum. Their need to breathe and grow and you’re a vital part of that process.

As you review each trend over this series, do know that each fits into a larger context, an entire “category of change” if you will.

My top 10 Digital PR Trends for 2016 Categories:

  1. Content and Story
  2. The “Reputation Economy”
  3. Media Relations and Pitching
  4. Market and Industry Dynamics

Always consider the category as a valuable reference point as I share each impact trend. Could a trend cover multiple categories? Sure, but for us to really grasp and implement, it’s helpful to know where things fit, right?

A Trend a Day keeps the Mediocre Away

This trend series main objective is to help you succeed with online marketing. And that means it’s all about taking ACTION. Now, when you see a big list of trends, other than doing a quick scan do you really have time to digest, consume and act upon that trend? If you’re like 95% of us, the answer is NO.

That’s why my 2016 Digital PR Trends is far easier to consume. With each new blog post in this series, I’ll share a disruptive trend that’s impacting PR, Publicity, Social Media, Online Advertising and more. Yes, Digital PR has direct influence (and often overlaps) all those other marketing channels.

Each trend post has a similar format and structure along with easy-to-scan factors and takeaways for each trend. All to boost your ability to consume and deploy these insights.

So let’s get to the countdown starting with Trend #10…

Digital PR Trend #10: the Rise of ‘Preneurial PR

Overview: first this trend is NOT just about entrepreneurs doing PR. This is about big companies, corporations, agencies and firms ALL becoming more entrepreneurial with their PR pursuits. While PR was once the province of “earned media” the long-established boundaries between PR and paid advertising, as well as other marketing channels, are dissolving.

Category: Market and Industry Dynamics

The Why: ‘Preneurial PR is being driven by market and industry forces. In times past, organizations with layers could be more methodical with their PR. Now, with the 24/7 news cycle, social media, and so many avenues for media and news “attention”, new thinking is required. And response times are shrinking. Corporations are often pummeled by slow responses to a negative situation gone viral on social media.

Bottom line: larger organizations that follow the “old way” of doing PR are being left in the dust by those who know how to operate in today’s environment. Today’s Digital PR is proactive, reactive and ever vigilant. Failure to follow this blueprint could make your company radioactive.

Instant takeaways: how can you benefit from this trend? If you’re a cog in a big machine or company, begin implementing more “micro-initiatives.” If you’re a small business or entrepreneur, think beyond the typical announcement press release. Consider “micro pitching” to online outlets where your content is a match.

Recommended Resources: Since this is the first of 10+ trend posts, start with THIS blog! You can also get insights on 21st century press releases here.

Can you see how this trend will impact your business? How do you like this approach compared to just a list? Share your thoughts below!

Marc Harty is an online publicity expert, professional speaker, Internet marketing consultant and CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc. Marc’s Online PR Made Easy can help anyone at any skill level generate targeted web site traffic on autopilot.

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