How to Build Lasting Authority

From: Marc Harty

Re: PR 3.0: Google’s changed the game (see playbook below…)

Dear legitimate marketer,

What’s a legitimate marketer? A professional marketer that knows real and sustainable marketing success doesn’t come from a gimmick, a loophole or a “get ranked fast” trick. It comes from proven practices and step-by-step systems. The kind built for the long haul, not here today and gone in six months.

Granted you may have learned that lesson the hard way. With expensive traffic that didn’t convert. Or SEO that took forever. Or Social Media that attracted eyeballs and not much else. Or a “I can rank my press release on the first page of Google in 2 minutes” pitch.

Well, keep reading because I have VERY GOOD NEWS…

Did you know that there’s a $22 billion strong marketing vehicle that’s right under you own nose? That’s how much is spent every year on PR and publicity. And yet many people, even legitimate marketing professionals, feel it’s often beyond their reach. And their budget.

Even those who pursue this marketing method often find that real, sustainable success often escapes them. And things are even worse now because of online marketing “opportunists.” They crank up the hype  about online press releases all while giving you advice that could easily sabotage your long-term success.

So whom and what to believe? What’s the REAL answer about using press releases to gain authority, customers, clients and grow closer to your dreams, faster and easier than you ever thought possible?

Will you Online PR take off ? Or will it crash and burn because others “gamed” the system?

I don’t say that to be dramatic. I say it because of history. Because a couple years ago, Google decided that online article directories were link farms and not worthy of attention and rankings. Overnight many article directories lost 70% of their traffic and business.

Could the same thing happen with online press releases? Well, Google has become FAR more adept at tracking numerous factors that impact how a press release ranks in the search engines. Things like embedded links, the type of links, how many links, the PR site used to submit the release, even how many releases using the same PR site over a given month. And more.

All of which makes some online marketing opportunists claims about press releases even more alarming. Because you would think everything is peachy as far as they’re concerned.

Here’s the REAL TRUTH… The warning signs are there. The alarm has sounded. Look no further than a headline from a Jan. 29th, 2013 article in Search News Central titled, “Pressing tips: use press releases without getting penalized.”

Or a November 26th 2012 article from the respected Search Engine Land authority site titled, “How PRweb helps distribute crap into Google & News sites.” And then there’s the February 28th, 2013 article by the respected PR blog “Spin Sucks” with this heading: “Do news releases have SEO value when distributed via a wire?”

Does that mean online press releases don’t work? NO. It means that strategies and tactics are evolving. And where this is crisis, there is REAL opportunity. Just so long as you don’t fall for something that sounds just a little too good to be true.

Bottom line: Google has changed how it views press release content. And where that press release comes from. And where it links to. And much more.

So you have a choice. Follow the advice of those “gaming the system” and get dragged down when Google catches up to them. OR get a head start on everyone else with what Google wants RIGHT now with press releases.

How do I know this? Simple. Instead of going on a marketing “tour” touting tactics I knew weren’t as effective as they once were, I invested over a month of exhaustive research, testing, insider conversations and auditing the performance of thousands of press releases.

Out of that MASSIVE intelligence gathering emerged the way forward. And here’s where it starts…

Your initial entry into the new world of PR 3.0 comes via the  PR Traffic Templates: Marketer’s Toolkit. It’s backed by a time-tested formula. Now updated with emerging best practices of what works NOW. After all, we’ve been doing online press releases since 2004, when practically NOBODY was using PR to reach prospects and customers directly.

So discover  ALL that’s  been missing from any Online Press Release Marketing training on the Web today until now…

PR 3.0 is NOW available …
Introducing the PR Traffic Templates Marketer’s Toolkit

The first thing you notice about these 7 templates is how complete they are. They’re about 70% pre-written. The second thing you notice is the newly updated SEO linking recommendations and instructions. And the third thing you’ll notice is what’s missing! No bland PR messaging that doesn’t deliver a real benefit to your audience. Or the media.

What you will discover, are templates ready made for some of your greatest marketing needs. The type you’d never imagine a press release could ever help you with. Until now.

Here’s a sample of the press release templates that deliver traffic and business right to your door…

  • “Operation: Launch Momentum” Templates: most people only publish one announcement press release with a launch. This “triple play” template set builds growing momentum via a pre-launch template, a launch template and a post-launch “social proof template — all for turbo-charged momentum from start to finish!
  • “Tough Economy” Template: build rapport with your audience by addressing the “Elephant in the room” about the economy all why you position your product, service or company to best advantage
  • “Affiliate/Review” Template: ever search online for reviews on a product you were interested in? You and millions of others do that frequently. Now there’s the perfect template to monetize your reviews
  • “Customer Experience” Template: Savvy marketers have used this template to build better rapport with their audience that typical press releases never could.
  • “Predictions/Trends” Template: the perfect vehicle to position yourself as an authority — even if the subject area is all new to you
  • And more!

How about even MORE help? Like best practices and insider secrets to help you every step of the way? I’ve prepared an action guide to fast track both your press release creation and distribution. There’s a reason this 10-page report is titled “Read This First.”

With My “100% Meat, Zero Fluff” Action Guide You’ll Discover:

  • The keyword “sweet spot” How many searches per month for best keyword performance
  • The best way ever to prevent typos in your press releases — especially those that spell check NEVER catches
  • Free press release sites: My top 5 from over 100+ sites may surprise you
  • Paid press release sites: These 5 did the best in my tests — consistently!
  • The best way to monitor your press release’s performance in the search engines
  • And more!

Now that you know why PR Traffic Templates: Marketer’s Toolkit is a must have, what about who’s behind it? What gives me the right to share all this straight talk about press releases and PR anyway?

Why Should You Believe Me?

I’ve been a marketing strategist for 25+ years. I’ve worked on “household name” clients like TGI Fridays, Diet Coke, The Container Store and more. My marketing consultancy and training company, Maintopic Media LLC, is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Over the course of my marketing career I’ve generated in excess of $249 million dollars for clients and customers. My office phone is 214-528-8300.

In 2005, when 99% of all publicity training targeted the media, I developed a press release marketing system showing how anyone can reach their prospects and customers directly. (And the beauty of my system is that it gets the media’s attention, even days, weeks, months or years later!)

I run the blog 30minutePR.com.  I’m also the creator of “Online PR Made Easy” and The PR Traffic Template System.  My PR Traffic home study course has been sold in over 30 countries. I’ve taught over 22,000 people about online press releases.

UPDATE: And now in 2013, as Google causes serious upheaval with online press releases, I’ve gone the extra mile. I have surveyed and interviewed 10+ PR and Publicity thought leaders. I have talked with the founders of four top PR distribution sites. I have examined data of thousands of press releases. And ALL that knowledge has gone into THIS PRODUCT.

I’ve spoken on four different continents about PR and Publicity. I’ve given over 118 interviews about my online PR methods, including Real TV, Paypal Radio, John Assaraf and Joe Vitale of The Secret, Blogtalk Radio, Blogworld Expo and many more.

“I have always wanted to use press releases but didn’t know how – until now. With PR Traffic Templates: Marketer’s Toolkit, Marc delivers a solid system a guy like me can get behind! As an “SEO guy,” I want content marketing that delivers today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. I am convinced this system will do that. And more. You get pre-made templates, but also some awesome headlines for press releases as well as on blog posts, social media, video, and articles. This system is a real winner! Thanks Marc for opening my eyes to the power of the Press Release!”
Bill Davis, TheUltimateGuideToWordpress.com

“I know press releases mean serious exposure for my websites. But I don’t really enjoy writing. Sure, I could always hire a freelance writer. But the really good ones can really cost you. Then I discovered the PR Traffic Templates: Marketer’s Toolkit. I was blown away! Marc made it so easy with all the “fill in the blanks” templates. Thanks Marc! I wish I had THIS publicity-generating formula years ago!”
Pete Genot, TheHealthyMinute.com

“I have been a disciple of Marc Harty for a number of years now and though it would be nice if I could tell you he “Walks on Water”, I have not seen him do that…yet.  I can tell you he and his programs have worked wonders in my business.  Using his special blend of Information and Edutainment he has helped me get more visibility and new clients from his material.  Marc thank you for keeping me from the fires of failure and despair in the PR and marketing that I do in my business.”
Patrick Dougher, DoerSuccess.com

“There is no one I trust more when it comes to Online PR and publicity than Marc Harty. He was talking about SEO press releases way before people even knew you could target customers directly with PR. The Marketer’s Toolkit looks like another winner.”
Jennifer S. Wilkov, JenniferSWilkov.com

“I have been writing Press Releases for over 20 years. I don’t need help. But along comes Marc Harty to make the whole process so crazy-easy that I will no longer be writing press releases the hard way. Fill in the blanks, and bang you’re done. Thanks Marc! This will be saving me a TON of time… and I must admit… your templates may just be more effective than my own hand-written press releases.”
Nathan Anderson, SEO Expert, NicheATMs2.com

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Fast Action Bonuses!

Know how most marketers approach bonuses? Throw enough against the wall and see if sticks? That’s the wrong approach. Instead of delivering what would benefit you most, they provide piles of unrelated “filler.”

That’s why my bonuses deliver two HUGE advantages over other bonus offers….

Bonus Advantage #1: Relevancy
These bonuses are essential to your press release marketing success. They’re part of an integrated system. No Frankenstein-assembled collection of ill-fitting parts.

Bonus Advantage #2: 100% Original content (MINE)
This isn’t some recycled PLR crap. This content is created by me for use by you. End of story.

Claim these Limited Time PR 3.0 Toolkit Bonuses while they last…

Bonus #1: Headline Swipe File
($97 value)

What’s a swipe file? It’s a compiled collection of other people’s work. Why swipe others work? To provide thought starters for your own ideas. And showcase what’s successful for you to model. Of course, don’t use the “swipes” verbatim. That’s stealing. That’s 99% of most swipe files. Not mine!

Introducing the “swipe to your heart’s content” swipe file
What’s the easiest, quickest and most affordable way to instantly improve your marketing results?  A better headline!  And now 124 fill in the blank headlines and examples are right at your fingertips.

These headlines are yours to use – and re-use. And YES, you’ll get new ideas from them too, just like with more traditional swipe files.

124 Headlines and Examples Across 14 Different Categories. Here’s Just A Sample:

  • Expert Authority Headlines
  • Launch Headlines
  • Current Event Headlines
  • Tough Economy Headlines
  • “Social Proof” Headlines
  • Affiliate/Review Headlines
  • And more!

EXTRA Bonus to this bonus: these headlines are perfect for all your content marketing needs: articles, blog posts, social media posts, email marketing and more!

Bonus #2: Press Release Checklist
($47 value)

Which provides the greatest value for consistent results… follow something new and unproven? Or a time-tested method with a track record of results for the last 7+ years? Savvy pros choose the latter. And that’s how long my press release formula has been in use. No wonder it’s generated over 6500 first page rankings in the search engines.

Now my entire press release creation process is distilled down into a one-page, 7-point checklist! It’s essential when ideas pop up that don’t exactly fit with the 70% pre-written optimized templates.

So How Much And For How Long?

Let’s look at this logically. Each template will save your hundreds that you’d likely pay to a freelance writer or a PR/publicity specialist. (And there is NO WAY they’d know all my SEO and optimizing tips.) At $200 per release times 7 templates – that’s $1400!

What’s more, the headline swipe file provides instant improvement to all your marketing, not just your press releases. Use the headlines in press releases, articles, social media posts, ads, direct mail and more. The headline is THE most important part of your marketing. And now you’ll have an inside edge. At $97 as a stand alone it’s a bargain.

All for something you won’t find anywhere else. But it won’t cost you four figures. That’s because the Marketer’s Toolkit is at a price that I must be crazy to consider let alone make public!

The Marketer’s Toolkit is less than $200.

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Or even half of that!

Right now the PR Traffic Templates: Marketer’s Toolkit plus ALL the bonuses is just $67 $24.95!

Before I go further, how about we make this Risk-Free for us BOTH? I want you feeling  both comfortable and confident you made the absolute right decision in purchasing today. That’s why I have my “100% Satisfaction Going the Distance Guarantee.”

This guarantee is for serious buyers only. A serious buyer sees this purchase as an agreement between us. An agreement made in good faith. So if you have shown a pattern for refunding quality information products because of trivial and often artificial reasons, we don’t want your business or your money.

Now if you’ve read this far, I know you’re serious.  And because of that, I make you this pledge…Because I want you to try this out and follow my system and have your own success in the next 60 days, here’s my 100% Satisfaction Going The Distance Guarantee to remove your risk almost completely…

Here’s how this works. You’ve read through my entire product and reviewed all the information in detail. You’ve followed through on what I teach and recommend which includes taking action and publishing your releases. If you still don’t have success in the next 60 days, I will give you a full refund. All I ask is that you show my team you followed through on the methods I taught you. That’s my Going The Distance Guarantee and I’ll back it up 100%. You have nothing to lose. And leads, traffic, exposure and revenue to gain!

YES, I Want My PR 3.0 Marketer’s Toolkit Now!

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  • Headline Swipe File: 124 Winning Headline & Examples
  • Action Guide: PR site “Insider” tips and recommendations
  • Press Release Checklist: Proven 7-Point Formula

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To more leads, more traffic and more sales,

Marc Harty

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