Some Unexpected Digital PR Predictions and Trends for 2013?

Do you know that I’ve fully documented over 17 predictions and trends for this coming year… and all without the aid of a crystal ball. Of course, 25+ years of well-rounded marketing experience helps. As does the knowledgebase we’ve built on Digital PR best practices over the last eight years.

So what’s in it for you? Some sample carrots: leverage. Opportunity. Accelerated visibility. And what ANY entrepreneur or company would salivate over: business growth.

There is a caveat. It’s NOT about the list of predictions and trends. It’s about how best to apply them. And at what time. And towards what end or outcome?

All of which leads to…

My 2013 digital PR predictions

earn a TV debut

This year is already off to a great start. I’m now a regular contributor to the weekly TV show “The Business Spotlight” hosted by Patrick Dougher. And I did touch on some important shifts happening with Online PR and publicity moving forward.

Here’s an excerpt of my TV segment…

Because of the “sound bite” nature of  TV, we only touched on a couple trends. Good thing you can view double that amount right here and right now.

Four trends

in four different areas of digital PR

How would you like to supercharge any publicity or PR initiative you do this year? Then pay close attention to these emerging (or in some case) growing trends…

1. Visual PR: tell the story in pictures [Online Optimization]

Many press releases are still text only. Wake up! It’s the 21st century people.  Take if from no other than: PRNewswire. A study of their customer’s press releases showed that adding images, video, social media integration can boost views up to 10 times!

2. Become a Newsjacker! [Storytelling]

A powerful PR technique is to embed your message into an emerging news story or current event. The term “newsjacking” was made popular by a book by PR expert David Meerman Scott. I’ve read it and recommend it. You can read more about this Kindle book here.

Any newsjacking is often a high risk high reward approach. There has been many a company pummeled in the media for doing a newsjack in poor taste. (A designer shoe company comes to mind that tried to tie-in to the Tsunami and failed miserably.) Conversely, a sunglass company gave miners trapped underground top-of-the-line sunglasses as gifts that were very well received and fully congruent with the miner’s newfound freedom above ground.

3. The Niche Pitch: [New Media Outreach]

The rise of online influencers. You know, the ones that often generate more visibility and traffic that traditional media outlets. Think authority web sites, bloggers, and other online influencers. And also consider that these online influencers are about relationship first, and pitching second. (There is an effective way to pitch them via social media. More about that in future posts.)

4. Reputation, Reputation, Reputation! [Online Reputation Marketing]

PR has gone beyond just a series of announcements. It’s about proactive “PR as content” marketing. Especially since your online reputation is only one bad review or negative comment away from potential ruin. With the SEO landscape constantly changing, a great way to enhance your reputation (and one that Google loves) is with video marketing.

What about

my OTHER 13 Digital Publicity trends and predictions?

First, this article is long enough so let’s save those for another time. For now, do you know what’s even better than just a list of 2013 PR/Publicity trends and predictions?

A plan showing you EXACTLY how to generate business growth from Digital PR Trends. This plan customizes and prioritizes the 3 top trends to focus on with your business for the best results.

It’s a plan we develop together. And it’s only available via my 2013 Publicity GamePlan Consulting  Session. To learn more, send an email to and watch for follow-up details. Do it soon though. I only have  5 slots left before I close it down.

I hope you found these predictions and trends helpful. And watch for more coming soon. In the meantime…

Please SHARE and comment below: which trends are you MOST interested in and why?

Marc Harty is an online publicity expert, professional speaker, Internet marketing consultant and CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc. Marc’s Online PR Made Easy can help anyone at any skill level generate targeted web site traffic on autopilot.

  • Marc,

    Great interview and a lot of great points.  It’s amazing how much more you can get out of your releases by just putting a little more into it in terms of multimedia.

    Looking forward to future episodes!


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