PR Cheatsheets

PR Traffic Cheatsheets: “The Ultimate Shortcut On How To Write and Send Online Press Releases Like A Pro – FAST!”

Whether you are a beginner, an author, a writer, a business owner or even a marketing professional, PR Traffic Cheatsheets can help you generate the online credibility never possible with advertising alone.

Here’s what you will discover from PR Traffic Cheatsheets:

  • The 4 key phases of Online PR Success
  • A 3-step campaign strategy that works better than any other
  • The most important action with ANY headline – fail to do this at your own risk!
  • A 7-step formula for writing successful press releases quickly
  • How to easily make your press release “search engine friendly”
  • The exact optimization formula that has generated over 5500 first page rankings in the search engines
  • Where to put links to your website in your press release for best results
  • The biggest omission even the experts make with their press release copy
  • Which two days are best for publishing your press release
  • The most effective press release distribution strategy for free or paid submissions
  • 7 key questions to ask any outsourcer before turning your PR over to them
  • The four critical items you can test with any online press release
  • How will you know your press release is a success? Monitor these 4 online metrics
  • 2 easy and free ways to monitor your online press release exposure
  • The 7 essential ingredients for your online newsroom
  • 8 advanced techniques that even the pros don’t know about

That’s just a sample of what PR Traffic Cheatsheets delivers. You’ll also discover my list of 50+ essential tools and resources for Online PR success.

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