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10 Killer Mistakes With Online Press Releases (And How To Avoid Them)

With this informative and action-packed guide, you’ve only a few clicks away from discovering how to remove the stumbling blocks for generating massive online publicity. With zero fluff.

Are you a business owner who wants more web site visibility and online leads? Or are you a marketing professional looking to expand your skill set and give your clients that extra edge?

Either way, you’ve only a few clicks away from discovering:

  • The #1 press release mistake that sabotages beginners and pros alike
  • 4 easy ways to make a “Google-worthy” press release go viral
  • How to stop “pouring money into a leaky bucket” when sending press releases
  • Why thousands of today’s press releases are caught in a “1940’s time warp” – and how you can gain instant leverage from this blunder
  • And many more!

NOTE: this is the Kindle Version. That means it’s VERY inexpensive. You can view it on any computer or device by downloading free reading apps here.

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