Why 30 Minute PR? Because Your Time = Your Success.

Welcome! Here we talk Online PR, Internet Publicity and SEO Press Releases at lightening speed. This site features actionable tips and techniques to share and implement quickly. All because your time is valuable, the clock is ticking and our feet are firmly planted in a place called reality.

Shakespeare once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” How true. In fact, 30 minutes gives the brain time to engage, ideas to percolate and the “finisher” in you to emerge complete with a “forward-ho” mindset.

And when it comes to scheduling and taking action, 30-minute segments are the time block of choice with calendars, daily planners and project management systems.

I started this Online PR blog because we live in a world where “the most valuable form of currency is attention, non money.” That’s from the book “The Attention Economy” and such thinking is even more on the mark today then when the book was published in 2002.

How Is This Different From Other Marketing or PR Blogs?

We present our content, our ideas, tips, news items, all with one eye on the clock. And the other on your success.

Because what good is quality information if you’re too overwhelmed to consume or implement it? What’s more, we compare ourselves not just to other blogs, but information products and programs themselves.

Ask yourself these questions… do you seriously have time to read book after book cover to cover? How about view hour upon endless hour of DVDs? Or listen to hours of audio before you feel you can take meaningful action?

Presenting the 30 Minute PR Manifesto: Micro-focused consistent investments of time, over the long haul, yield substantial and sustainable results.

Why Online PR and Why Me?

My company (Maintopic Media) has done Online PR campaigns since 2004. I’ve been speaking professionally about Online PR since 2005. I’ve created the largest and most comprehensive video training library for Online PR on the web today. And my Online PR products have reached tens of thousands of people in all 50 states and in 39 countries.

Want to know more? You can learn more about my background here.

Online PR is but a short descriptor of something much, much bigger. As web 2.0 and social media marketing continues to grow and expand its reach, so does online PR. Even so, it is often misunderstood for a variety of reasons. So let’s look deeper at what online PR is and isn’t.

More than just the media

First off, online PR reaches multiple audiences, not just the media. Today, the media is no longer the gatekeeper on what news gets published. Now, anyone can publish an online press release (or even better, an optimized press release) and reach the public directly.

So now individuals, business owners, organizations, non-profits, anyone really, can reach prospects and influencers via search engines, authority blogs, news search, social networks, online communities, including forums and discussion boards and more.

More than just short-term, announcement-driven press releases

A major difference between online PR and offline PR is staying power. With offline PR, this old expression is appropriate, “There’s nothing as dated as yesterday’s newspaper.” In fact this applies to print, radio and TV. And yet with online PR, optimized press releases live on the web for weeks, months, even years.

Note: in my post “7 Actions to Amp your Press Release ROI” I suggest always including content in your online press release that is timeless or evergreen. That way, when anyone discovers your release, even if something time-sensitive already happened (like an event), there is still relevant information which prospects and the media would find of value.

More than just optimized press releases

The optimized press release represented just a piece of a much bigger picture. That’s what makes online PR such a viable marketing channel. With inherent SEO advantages, you can vastly extend the value and reach of your online marketing and media relations efforts.

Here are some other online PR initiatives in addition to optimized press releases:

  • Social Media marketing including social networking, micro-blogging, online video, audio and more
  • Blogger relations: pitching stories to authority blogs
  • Writing articles and submitting them to online marketing directories
  • Media relations: connecting to journalists via Twitter, email and more

The key takeaway here? Optimize news content in all its shapes, forms and distribution channels. For example, here are some more ways to get the word out via optimized news content:

  • Blog articles
  • Online video releases
  • Online op-eds / letters to the editor
  • Online newsrooms and media kits
  • Reports and white papers
  • Instructional (non-selling) Webinars and demos
  • Podcasts / Internet radio shows

How to get started with Online PR

First, make sure whichever Online PR information you consume or buy, make sure it addresses ALL target audiences, not just the media.

As such, that was a significant need that was filled by developing my online PR system and course called PR Traffic. To learn more about leveraging maximum exposure and visibility across as many online channels as possible, consult the recommended resources below.

Recommended Online PR resources: