Are You Hybrid CEO Material? Your Business Future Depends on Your Answer

I was once the CEO of a 15-person marketing communication company. After experiencing the interview I share with you below, my first reaction was “where’s the time machine?”

Because If I had developed just a couple “Hybrid CEO” success traits I learned on this call, I could have easily prevented a major operational breakdown and five-figure blunder.

That’s just one major takeaway from my interview of Monikah Ogando (Inc 500 CEO) and David Bullock (Business Development Specialist).

On this call, you’ll learn about The 7 Assets That Every CEO Must Have To Grow ROI in Difficult Times.

You’ll also discover:

  • How David Bullock generated $2.4 million in FREE publicity
  • How Monikah Ogando went from kitchen table entrepreneur to Inc. 500 CEO
  • Why Becoming A Hybrid CEO is critical for the life and growth of your business
  • How To Compress Time
  • How the right systems thinking can accelerate your business success
  • And more!

WARNING: this interview is with two highly successful business entrepreneurs. If you are really serious about taking your business to the next level, take a listen. (Note: there’s an invite to join their CEO Master Community near the end of the interview.)

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