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Marc Harty, the 30 Minute PR guy here with some truths to burn into your cranium…yes, they really are THAT important.

Online PR can be fast. Online PR can be fun. And Online PR can be FREE! Notice I said, “can be?” So this is conditional?


It’s conditional by one undeniable fact: the right resources are crucial to make PR success a reality.First, let’s rule out what you don’t need…you don’t need a God-given talent of great writing skills. You don’t need gobs of hours in that maxed out schedule of yours. You don’t need a big, honking Rolodex overflowing with media contacts.You also don’t need to be a tech whiz or a propeller head.

Now here’s what DO you need …Instant access to what works. Today. Tomorrow. Next Month. Next year. Quality, easy to consume and act on information. Sound about right?

Well, you’ve come to the right web page. Meet the launchpad to my best, free tools, resources, tips and more. Bookmark it so you don’t miss a single thing.

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Optimized Press Release Template

All templates are not created equal. Most are glorified outlines. Nothing more. Good thing you’re now seeing the total opposite. Because THIS template has my 7-point formula built right in. It’s even got a good chunk of pre-written copy. There’s even a press release sample with callouts of all points of the proven formula.

This PR 2.0 press release template is optimized for today’s social media environment. You’ll learn exactly where to put your keywords for extra search engine exposure.

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How To Avoid Killer Online PR Mistakes

This action guide instantly removes the stumbling blocks to generating massive online publicity. With zero fluff. It’s built on a solid foundation: a knowledgebase of Online PR best practices. That’s Real world data on thousands of press releases

It’s time you access the best of the best. And avoid the worst. The costly mistakes that sabotage your success. Get this guide now. It’s all just a click away. And start generating the exposure you richly deserve.

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Your Content In Danger? Discover the Secret TX3 Formula

At the heart of any worthwhile content is a good story, right? Too bad 91% of today’s online content will never be seen by its intended audience. Your content can rise above it though. And get seen. And get results.

You’re only seconds away from discovering my “TX3 Formula” for online content optimization. And it works with ANY content. Articles. Blogs. Social media. Online video. And yes, press releases! I’ve prepared a special FREE video presentation that shows you the same techniques I used to get 6133 first page search engine rankings. And don’t miss my 12-point content maximization checklist.

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Outsource Your PR? Here’s Your Get Started, Go-To Guide

What’s worse than no PR? Hiring a PR person who drops the ball. Or flat out rips you off.

Make sure that never happens to you. Or if it has, here’s how to prevent it from ever happening again.

Just get your hands on my FREE Special Report: The 7 Deadly Mistakes When Choosing An Online PR Firm – and How You Can Avoid Them.

I’ve also included a handy, single page “interview checklist” to help you find the best PR resource for your needs. And leave those mistakes for your less-informed competition.

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