Our Services: Online Marketing and More

You and your business have a need. Or needs. And you don’t have the bandwidth to get it done right all by yourself. So, where do you turn? Well, you’re reading this right now so that’s a good start.

And since this site is called do you think we create, produce, implement and track PR and publicity campaigns? We do. And we’d like to do the same for you. We also do a whole lot more as you’re about to discover…

Online PR Services

When you need PR and publicity help, what are your options? Freelance writer? A publicist. Or PR firm? Well, our press release marketing comes with a built-in edge those other options simply can’t match.

It’s our Online PR best practices knowledgebase. In addition to the Online PR we do for ourselves, and our clients, we also have market feedback intelligence from those customers that buy our products. All told that is thousands of press releases.

Our Online PR Services includes:

  • Story Creation
  • Press Release Writing
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Release Metrics and Tracking
  • Blogger Outreach

We make it easy. No retainers or big contracts. You can do as little as a single release. (Of course, we’d expect that you’d do a lot more once you see the results.) Got PR? Get Started Now!

Internet + Social Media Marketing

So many choices. And so many bright shiny objects. Each with it’s own distractions. So where to begin? How about starting here. Because we’ve seen it ALL before. People get really excited about the tactics. So much so they jump right in. And completely lose sight of their overall strategy. (If they even have one.)

So how can we help? First, our focus will be on what is mission critical for you RIGHT NOW. And that varies depending on your industry. And budget. We’ll get that all sorted out.

Here’s how we add value:

  • Blog content and design
  • Article Marketing
  • Facebook pages (and marketing)
  • Twitter campaigns
  • Online Video development, production and campaigns
  • Search Marketing

And just like with our Online PR campaigns, we make it easy. Need Some Professional Help? (With your Marketing.) Click Here.

Strategy Development + Marketing Consulting

Marc is a strategist at heart. And in his gut. He’s turned around whole businesses practically overnight with a “strategy intervention.” Lots of people talk about strategy. But few do it right. Marc honed his strategy chops working for some of the top advertising agencies in the world.

In fact, his campaign for AIDS awareness in Texas once breakthrough in its strategy and approach. So much so the campaign won multiple Clio awards, the highest achievement in the advertising agency.

Even if you are working with a marketing communications firm it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion. Especially when it concerns the health (and wealth) of your business.

Our strategy and consulting programs include:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Monthly Business Coaching
  • Strategy “Audit”
  • Brainstorm Sessions
  • Web site traffic creation and conversion

Your focus on strategy is the single most important gift you can give your business. And your business and personal life. Make the wise choice — today. How to Chart The Right Course and Keep On Track? Click Here.


Before Marc Harty became the “30 Minute PR Guy” he had quite a distinguished career as a creative director and copywriter. In fact, Marc’s written over 10,000 headlines. For just about every industry around.

And in so doing, Marc broke through the stereotype of most copywriters. You see, most writers specialize in one type of writing. Consumer. Or technical. Or publicity. Marc’s gifted in all three and adds one more: business writing. (Like proposals).

So if you’re at a loss for words, we can help. At A Loss For Words? For Expert Copywriting, Click Here.