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Online PR Resources: Real Success Starts Here

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Presenting 4 Proven Performers For Today’s PR 2.0 Environment

These Online PR and publicity resources are truly battle-tested. Our knowledgebase is built on the results of hundreds of press releases and thousands of first page search engine rankings. (Over 4600 at last count.)

10 Killer Mistakes With Online Press Releases (And How To Avoid Them)

Mistakes? I’ve seen them all.  Story mistakes. Distribution mistakes. SEO mistakes. Even timing mistakes? The good news? Once you get your hands on this Guide, Online PR success is right at your fingertips.

You’ll discover proven steps on how to triumph over bigger companies. On a shoestring budget. And all by avoiding the mistakes that even plague the Pros.

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PR Traffic Cheatsheets

What is stopping you getting the online exposure you and your business needs?
Want to be known as an expert in your field? And grow to a thought leader on the subject? Online press releases get you there. Faster. Easier. And more affordably than any other marketing method.

But ONLY when you know the true lay of the land. Like what really works today. And what doesn’t. Because online press releases are a breed apart from the traditional press release that’s been around well over 100 years.

Presenting “The Ultimate Shortcut On How To Write and Send Online Press Releases Like A Pro FAST!” Imagine claiming instant access to a vault of Online PR secrets, best practices and key insights – all in digest form.

PR Traffic Template System

Now anyone at any skill level can write a winning press release. Time after time. AND in 70% less time than before!

That’s because these press release templates are 70% pre-written and “fill in the blank” easy. They’re also optimized to be “search engine friendly.”

The PR Traffic Template System gives you everything you need to write press releases like a pro – in minutes. So you don’t have a second to waste!

Online PR Made Easy

Want instant PR traffic? What about sustainable Online PR success?

Presenting a proven system that delivers both.

After all, you know writing a release is just the first step. There’s also PR distribution. And where to send your releases? And how often? All those questions are answered with Online PR Made Easy.

This is a complete step-by-step Online PR system to implement quickly — either by you or an outsourcer.