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Welcome to 30MinutePR.com. Here, we talk Online PR, Publicity and Press Release tips on a time budget. In short, we share actionable tips and techniques that can be consumed and implemented very quickly. All because your time is valuable, the clock is ticking and our feet are firmly planted in a place called reality.

I chose 30 minutes because—big surprise—it’s doable. 30 minutes gives the brain time to engage, ideas to percolate and the “finisher” in you to emerge complete with a “forward-ho” mindset.

Of course, it’s no coincidence when it comes to scheduling and taking action, that 30-minute segments are the increment of choice with calendars, daily planners and project management systems online and off.

Now what about the tagline, you ask? “Long term buzz. It’s about time.” It sure is. Want to make the most of yours? Watch my introductory video and you’ll wonder why more blogs don’t feature four key accelerated training methods like 30MinutePR.com does. And please, give me your feedback on what topics you’d like me to cover in the future.

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