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Got traffic? Authors, writers, speakers, as well as small business and marketing professionals need consistent online visibility. Enter the most comprehensive, step-by-step Online PR training system available today. Preview this new system via a free Online Training:

Dallas, TX. June 24, 2010 — The online marketing landscape has a serious case of content overload. Consider this: in one 24-hour period, over 900,000 blog posts are published. Over 28,800 hours worth of video is added to You Tube. And marketers wonder why their content fails to get the job done. Marc Harty wants to help change all that.

As Mr. Harty shared, “The Online PR materials I saw on the web were quite fragmented. An ebook here, a video or audio interview there. This new, easy to consume digital PR program is a complete step-by-step system. So it not only eliminates any guesswork but also integrates the best practices knowledgebase I’ve been building since 2004”

As evidence his company boasts the largest video training library on the web today for Online PR, with 20+ hours and counting. Everyone from beginners to industry professionals have benefitted from such comprehensive training.

As Chris Brisson of shared, “In the past 6 months alone, 3 online press releases I’ve created with Marc’s guidance generated over 1.5 million views.” Jim Bowman, “The PR Doc” and former VP of Corporate Communications for Nokia, Inc., added, “This is not just for do-it-yourself but the public relations professionals as well.”

The real benefits of utilizing the Online PR Made Easy system include:

•  How to create “SEO-friendly” online press releases that generate web site traffic for weeks, months, even years

• How to create online content with “staying power” that can generate leads, credibility, and backlinks”

• A proven system that can easily and affordably reach the “super influencers” such as the media, major industry organizations and “authority sites” that attract millions of monthly visitors

Now while Online PR Made Easy contains a wealth of “press release how to” information, it doesn’t stop there. From previous market tests, one component of the program has proven extremely popular: special negotiated discounts with top press release distribution sites like and

Online PR Made Easy also includes a proprietary story generation formula to boost results for blog, article, and social media content as well. Harty explained, “At it’s core, Online PR Made Easy will help boost performance of the entire process: content creation, distribution and conversion.”

To discover how anyone at any skill level can generate thousands of dollars in publicity, as well as consistent web site traffic and qualified leads, register now for “Online PR Revealed: How to Attract Business and Buzz in the Visibility Economy.”

About Marc Harty:
Marc Harty is an Online PR Strategist and developer of the Online PR Made Easy system. Marc is CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc., a ROI-driven, marketing consultancy and training company. Marc and MainTopic have trained tens of thousands of people, and hundreds of businesses, from beginners to industry thought leaders on how to attract and convert sustainable, targeted, ready-to-buy traffic to their websites.

Marc’s breakthrough PR Traffic Course has been sold in over 30 countries and on every continent. Author of “Strategic Traffic: 21 Time-tested Traffic Methods At $0 Ad Cost,” Marc’s career spans 25 years in Strategic Marketing and has generated over $239 million dollars for customers and clients.

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  • karen says:

    Love your content and want to buy Online Pr Made Easy… but PROBLEM: Sales page says $147 and billing says $197. Tried 3 Help Desk Requests and still haven't gotten any word on the actual price…please help!! Karen /

  • Karen says:

    Looks fixed…got my system and look forward to using it! Karen

  • Marc Harty says:

    Hi Karen,

    Sent you a very detailed email. Thanks for your purchase.

    ~ Marc

  • Marc Harty says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. From your follow-up message glad to see things have been resolved. Also, help desk is still the best way to contact us. Notification email issue has been resolved.

    ~ Marc

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